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So, you want be a black belt hey?

Well if you do, you need to start some where right? Why don’t you join our Taekwon-Do Tigers club and learn how to kick and punch so fast that if you blink you might miss it!
At our club we have fun and games to make you fast like a Ninja, cool like James Bond and strong like King Kong, but not as smelly!
Taekwon-Do and kick boxing makes you fit and focused, so come along and join the club, maybe you could be our next champion!

Information for parents

Taekwon-Do Tigers is the name of our beginners club specifically designed for children between the years of 7 and 11. The class at Taekwon-Do Tigers is specifically designed with the physically developing child in mind. Exercises are based on Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing systems in which, co-ordination, balance, fitness, self defence and plenty of fun are the main ingredients.
At Taekwon-Do Tigers we have a beginners syllabus that the student must complete in order to grade to the next colour belt. At Taekwon-Do Tigers the highest belt is Green Stripe, the student then progresses to the next class, where a more advanced syllabus is used.
The age at which the child idevelops mentally and physically is indeed a very important period of growth, with that in mind the Taekwon-Do Tigers class covers exercises and techniques that will help the child understand the role and function of their bodies, from a sporting perspective, improving both gross and fine motor skill. Basic Taekwon-Do and kickboxing techniques are taught and our fitness sessions are all geared around fun and inclusiveness. The syllabus is taught in an simple format with easy to understand information which is given in small chunks, which is the optimal structure for learning.

Martial arts teachers, by their very presence, can become role models for young children, therefore at Taekwon-Do Tigers an environment of positive encouragement is nurtured and the concept of unconditional postive regard is to the fore.

Children who are encouraged and complimented for work done can develop the confidence that will go on to develop what is known as internal locus of control which is the concept of understanding situations in life and working towards positive emotions needed in later years. Discipline is learned through team work, working and progressing as a unit is the ideal format for keeping the student focused, there is no shouting ‘master’ carrying a bamboo stick for punishment, nor is a child selected individually for scolding, if the team need a reminder, they all get push ups, or sit ups as a form of punishment or ‘funishment’ a we know it! No one likes to let the team down!

The Taekwon-Do Tigers syllabus consists of introductory techniques that will serve as a solid foundation for further training in the Martial Arts. For each set of techniques learned the student is awarded a new colour belt or colour tip which is achieved at a Taekwon-Do testing. Before each testing the student is awarded merit stars for each new technique learned, an accumulation of certain techniques is then tested and the new belt is awarded. Merit stars are awarded regularly as short term goals, to which the student is encouraged to strive for.
The syllabus gets a little more difficult as each colour belt is achieved. The syllabus contains such techniques and exercises as;

  1. Punching techniques
  2. Introductory kicking techniques
  3. Taekwon-Do stances for beginners
  4. An introduction to self defence and Awareness, Stranger Danger, bullying and more
  5. Taekwon-Do beginner patterns, Saju Jirugi, Chon Ji, Dan Gun
  6. Flexibility and Fitness, reflexes and coordination.