Taekwon-Do Plus – Taekwon-Do for Senior Citizens

General Choi Hong Hi was the founder of Taekwon-Do. He trained every day up until his death in 2002 at the age of 82. He put his long and healthy life down to his daily Taekwon-Do routines which kept him supple and physically fit.

Now for the first time in Dublin, Taekwon-Do is available for our senior citizens. If you aged 60 and over and are looking for some extra activity to keep you healthy and fit well then Taekwon-Do training just might be for you!

Taekwon-Do plus is a dedicated Taekwon-Do class for those who find physical activity a little more demanding. The class is based on Taekwon-Do martial arts training which helps keep the joints supple, the muscles loose and the heart healthy.

We hope in time that Taekwon-Do plus will become a popular pass time for our local senior citizens, where they can come and enjoy the company of other Taekwon-Do plus participants while gaining all the benefits of a hobby in Taekwon-Do.

Taekwon-Do plus is available for FREE for everyone of retirement age (65+)

So where did the idea come from?

Taekwon-Do plus instructor Jon Mackey says – “We were in Korea in 2010 at a Taekwon-Do festival. During the interval a group of pensioners came onto the main arena. They were called the Taekwon-Do Grandma’s and they ranged from the ages of 65 to 82. The were in great shape and were having great fun demonstrating their Taekwon-Do skills. In Korea, this is a way of life, there is no reason why our own senior citizens here in Ireland can enjoy the same benefits, both physical and social at a local Taekwon-Do club.”
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