Seminars & Workshops

 Jon Mackey is available for seminars and workshops, whether you want a sports specific class on the principles and concepts of Kickboxing or sport Taekwon-Do or a self protection seminar based on the concepts of Combatives just drop us a line through the contact page above.

Jon has delivered seminars and talks to primary and secondary schools and has taught the principles of sports sparring to many different clubs, his unique approach to Kickboxing and sport Taekwon-Do has made him one of the most successful coaches in his field having trained many world and European gold medalists both in Kickboxing (WAKO) and Taekwon-Do (ITF).

Jon also holds full instructor status under the world renowned Combatives instructor Lee Morrison. Jon has taught combative principles on the international circuit and on Lee’s European Main Event in Southampton and is only one of a handful of instructors in Ireland teaching genuine combative principles.

In Lee’s own words;

“Jon Mackey is one of UC’s most respected European instructors.
All the guys in Britain and Europe have met all of the stringent requirements to become a full UC Instructer from two key perspectives; first understanding our curricullum in its entirety and second from the perspective of actually teaching and installing skill sets effectively to others.In addition to that there is a certain level of conditioning both physical and psychological required. Attributes are also a consideration, previous experience of first hand violence is also a great asset, as is familiarity with previous martial methods along with the experience of actually teaching them to others.
Needless to say Jon Mackey ticks all of those boxes, he’s a tough kid, never worried about mixing it up with the best of them. His ability to teach and impart knowledge is outstanding, he is indeed a peaceful warrior who comes with my highest recommendation.

– Lee Morrison: Founder Instructor and Director of Urban Combatives/UC Services & UC Publishing.