Self Defence

Red Star Combatives
was established to cover all the aspects of reality based self defence. Jon Mackey holds full instructor status under world renowned combatives instructor Lee Morrison. Lee set up Urban Combatives in 2004 and since then has become a leading authority in reality based self protection training and combative principles.

The training follows the teachings of Lee Morrison and his syllabus, one of the most comprehensive in the world today which is geared towards pure fight training. The training deals with realism and non-compliancy encompassing relevant soft skills as well as hard skills including scenario work and stress testing.

The syllabus is geared towards beginners and people with advanced striking skills. All levels are welcome.

RSC training takes place every Saturday at 10am until 11.30am at Bannow Road, Cabra Dublin 7. Participants must be aged 16 and over.

Admission: €10