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Members of other Kickboxing and Taekwon-Do clubs are welcome to attend Red Star for extra training. Registered members of other KBI clubs can train without taking out insurance with Red Star. Members of other clubs not affiliated to KBI will have to take out insurance cover through Red Star. Insurance cover is €35 per year.

Every Friday at 7.30pm we have an open mat session where other club members are very welcome to come for extra training and for sparring rounds.

Important Information – Switching Clubs Policy 2018

In the past, Red Star Martial Arts welcomed those who wished to leave their own club and join Red Star to further their own competitive career. This policy has now changed and we have learned many lessons from those who have joined Red Star in the past for their own personal gain. Those whom have wasted our time, shown a lack of courtesy and commitment to the athlete development process and those who couldn’t stick the pace.

Red Star will no longer be a back door for those looking to compete on the international Kickboxing stage. Regardless of your past or previous achievements, if you join from another club  to further your competitive career, you will serve a minimum of a 1 year probationary time period. During this time your dedication, commitment, adaptability and staying power will be assessed before you will be put forward for national championships and international championships. You will not represent Red Star on the national stage within that 1 year probationary period.

Red Star have an impeccable record of growing  world class competitors organically, and we continue to do so.