Great Success at UITF World Championships

//Great Success at UITF World Championships

Great Success at UITF World Championships

The Unified ITF World Championships were held in London over the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of July. Red Star Sport Taekwon-Do sent a development squad under the coaching of Instructor Donna Mackey.

The squad which was made up of a number of junior and senior black belts and colour belts had been training for the championships for a number of months previous, and we are delighted to report that all the hard work paid off!

Congrats to the following competitors who medalled and a big shout out to Jason Curtain, David O Connor and Sean Tjong who just missed the podium by a few points.

Black belts:
Robyn McDonnell -Gold in Sparring
Donna Mackey -Silver in Patterns

Colour Belts:
Linda Flynn – Gold x 2
Kuba Marczewski – Gold in Patterns, Silver in Sparring
Hannah McDonnell – Gold in sparring, Silver in Patterns
Katie Delaney –
Gold in Patterns, Bronze in Sparring
Nazreen Flannery – Gold in Sparring, Bronze in Patterns
Jade Kenny – Gold in Sparring, Bronze in Patterns
Lee Gorman – Gold in Sparring
Hannah Mc Loughlin – Gold in Sparring
Conor Kelly – Gold in Sparring
Chloe Roche – Silver x 2
Yuriy Kizyuk – Silver in Sparring
Weronika Kukula – Bronze in Patterns
Derek Flynn – Bronze in Sparring
Anna Kukula – Bronze in Patterns
Brian Kiernan – Bronze in Sparring
Rachel Flynn – Bronze in Sparring

Total medals
6- Silver
8 – Bronze
25 Medals

Big thanks to the UITF tournament committee who pulled off a very well run event. It was a very professional tournament with 19 countries registered.


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