Great Success at UITF World Championships

The Unified ITF World Championships were held in London over the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of July. Red Star Sport Taekwon-Do sent a development squad under the coaching of Instructor Donna Mackey.

The squad which was made up of a number of junior and senior black belts and colour belts had been training for the championships for a number of months previous, and we are delighted to report that all the hard work paid off!

Congrats to the following competitors who medalled and a big shout out to Jason Curtain, David O Connor and Sean Tjong who just missed the podium by a few points.

Black belts:
Robyn McDonnell -Gold in Sparring
Donna Mackey -Silver in Patterns

Colour Belts:
Linda Flynn – Gold x 2
Kuba Marczewski – Gold in Patterns, Silver in Sparring
Hannah McDonnell – Gold in sparring, Silver in Patterns
Katie Delaney –
Gold in Patterns, Bronze in Sparring
Nazreen Flannery – Gold in Sparring, Bronze in Patterns
Jade Kenny – Gold in Sparring, Bronze in Patterns
Lee Gorman – Gold in Sparring
Hannah Mc Loughlin – Gold in Sparring
Conor Kelly – Gold in Sparring
Chloe Roche – Silver x 2
Yuriy Kizyuk – Silver in Sparring
Weronika Kukula – Bronze in Patterns
Derek Flynn – Bronze in Sparring
Anna Kukula – Bronze in Patterns
Brian Kiernan – Bronze in Sparring
Rachel Flynn – Bronze in Sparring

Total medals
6- Silver
8 – Bronze
25 Medals

Big thanks to the UITF tournament committee who pulled off a very well run event. It was a very professional tournament with 19 countries registered.


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