9 Gold 2 Silver at White Tiger International

//9 Gold 2 Silver at White Tiger International

9 Gold 2 Silver at White Tiger International

A squad of Red Star’s kickboxers made the journey west to Castlebar over the weekend of June 20th and 21st to compete at the White Tiger International Challenge. The tournament attracted fighters from across the KBI community and further afield with fighters coming from WAKO GB and Scotland also.

The Red Star fighters had a very successful outing notching up 9 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the light contact continuous divisions. Junior competitor Nazreen Flannery also won her self a well earned gold medal in the weapons division where she competed with the bo-Staff.

Red Star fight team with coach Jon Mackey

The over all results were as follows:

Nazreen Flannery Gold x 2 (sparring and weapons)

Alan O Connell Gold (-69 sparring)

Lauren Bradshaw Gold x 2 (junior female sparring and senior female +70 sparring)

Brendan Kenny Gold (-79 senior male sparring)

Jade Kenny Gold (junior female sparring)

Darragh Murphy Gold (-74 senior male sparring)

Weronika Kukula Silver (younger cadets sparring)

Robbie Walsh Silver (junior boys -63 sparring)

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