Adult Beginner Courses

The most common question asked by adults wishing to start training in the Martial Arts is – “Am I too old to start?”

Let’s put this to bed straight away! – No you are not, you are never too old to start training in the Martial Arts. Our adults class is a prime example of this, we have members from all age categories, from early 20’s to late 50’s! So now that’s out of the way, let’s have a look at what exactly is involved in our classes, and if they suit you.

At our classes, you learn the Korean art of Taekwon-Do in a relaxed and friendly manner. The beginner syllabus takes approximately three months, at the end of which you will be eligible to go forward to test to advance to the next level.
The techniques learned from Taekwon-Do help improve fitness, flexibilty, core strength while learning how to defend yourself also. Training in the Martial Arts has long been recognised as a holistic method of training enhancing over all well being, nurturing a spiritual and physical environment which includes sessions of meditiation and of course our hard training too.

Beginners classes take place every Monday at 7.30pm, feel free to drop in for a free introductory class. A pair of track bottoms and a t-shirt is all that is needed.
As a member of our club you will also have access to seperate specialist self defence training, fitness classes and fitness work shops. Beginners are welcome all the time, from when you enroll you will begin your twelve week training in the martial arts.

So there you have it, why wait any further? Get up and get to it, there’s no time like the present to get your body back fit and strong and bouncing with confidence.